Infinite HTTP POSTing from an applet to a servlet...



Hi. I've tried to do something, just to see how it works... :

I've programmed an applet that communicates with a servlet on a socket
that works on the HTTP layer between my applet and my servlet...

Here's what I successfully tried :

1- Instantiate a connection between applet and servlet
2- Send 30 GET requests and 30 POST requests
3- Close the connection

Here's what make me crazy :

When I do a loop like this :

While(true) SendDataByPostRequest(new
String("QWERTYQWERTYQWERTYQWERTY")); the data are well received by the
servlet, and the response from the servlet works fine... The outgoing
data and incoming data (from servlet) processing works for about 100
of times... Then no Exception is thrown by servlet, and no Exception
is thrown by applet... But the connection seems to be down...

Would anyone know why the connection *seems* to be shutdown ? Is it
really down ? Why no data go on transferring between applet and
servlet ?



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