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Discussion in 'ASP .Net Building Controls' started by Martin Kulov, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Martin Kulov

    Martin Kulov Guest

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to implement server control that inherits
    DataGrid control in order to preserve all of his
    properties and templates. However I want to add others
    web controls besides the datagrid control that will
    provide custom functionality. The problem is that these
    controls are not named using the naming container of my
    control but remain with their original name. Hence they
    can not be processed on the server during postback.
    Does anyone know how to inherit the datagrid and add more
    controls on the page also?

    Martin Kulov, Aug 29, 2003
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  2. Since you are inheriting your control from the datagrid
    control you will be able to access all the public methods
    of the base control so you will be able to add the
    controls to the datagrid from the page. If you are
    overriding any of the events of the datagrid remember to
    Martin Johnson, Sep 1, 2003
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