Internationalization: properties best practices

Discussion in 'Java' started by Karsten Wutzke, May 9, 2007.

  1. Hi all!

    I have several language packs (locales) that I wish to support via

    .... (no more locales with country codes)

    These are all backed by .properties files delivered within the JAR.

    1. Do you usually deliver a language pack called "en", too? Why or why
    not? In my case, every file delivered gets selectable in the GUI so it
    is rather undesirable to do so... (?)

    2. Do you usually create the root locale language pack
    "" as a class?

    3. The default locale will be "en_US". This is the fallback language
    pack if nothing else goes (as far as I understand). So in "en_GB",
    would I only put key-value pairs into that file that are different
    from the parent "en" or root language pack? If the root language pack
    contained all key-values of the "en_US" properties file the file could essentially become empty (no
    matter if I created the root language pack created via a property file
    or via class file). Is that the/a best practice?

    4. As a German, I might also create the root package in German and
    leave the "de" file empty, how would I proceed with the key-value
    pairs of "en_US" and "en_GB" then? Create an "en" language pack, make
    "en_US" file empty and put only the differences into "en_GB"? (I would
    then have to deal with the "en" being selectable problem but thats
    another issue)

    Comments anyone?

    Karsten Wutzke, May 9, 2007
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