Intro and asking for direction.(newbie am I)

Jun 29, 2020
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Hi good people. How are you all.My username *ah* well you can read it above the post. But I'll tell it anyway. I used chilly Billy. Cuz I usually chill. Take no tention as to avoid wasting energy.

lately due to being bored and free all the time I thought I start learning some coding and well you know I got my brain fried. There's a lot in it. Well I'm a beginner btw, a total newb in it. And I have no idea what and how to go around it. I just wanna be able to build some mobile apps(social apps, games,forums) and websites. So I wanna ask two things (1) what should I do which can enable me to build/program or whatever these kind of apps and sites?is it only learning languages and which ones(python,HTML,JavaScript,C/C++, etc etc)?if yes then second Question(2) which online sites are better to learn 'em and platforms to practice? Free or paid?freecodecamp, codeacademy, Khan academy, probate, or Mobile apps(mimo, soloLearn etc). Any guidance and suggestions to online learning?

PS: Sorry for bad English. And I want somebody to push me in a direction as I at the moment am feeling like stuck in a 4'*4' well 10' deep.
(Though one thing always bothered me related to forums as to why can't we delete our own thread? And why do I usually see some words missing when I add space?

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