Is it possible to put a poll from another site in your site?

Jun 15, 2009
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My business partner is nominated for a nightlife award. I want to embed the voting page from the site it is on into a page on my site so our customers can vote and it be recorded. Is this possible?
Here is the voting page. The forum wouldn't let me post a URL because I am a new member so just add the standard http before

Additionally I would really like to only put the questions of the poll up that relate to my partner so as to keep it simple, and also not have all their ads on. I am certain you can just vote for the 2 and the ballot is accepted without answering the rest. The big problem is getting the submit button to point back to their site so the vote is recorded.

So - my biggest concern would to get the vote up on a page in my site that when the submit button is clicked it goes to their site. My thought was to maybe do a frame but I am uncertain how they work.

Then my lesser concern would to be able to clean up the page by removing some categories and ads. I figured out how to do that here (add the http again here)

but when you click submit it goes nowhere. But this is how I would love to have it. I'm thinking it is not possible but please let me know if it is.

I have been trying so many places to get an answer for a couple days now - so even if you can't help...if you have any info if it's possible I would be so thankful. I've asked on so many forums and had so many views but no one answers. I'm getting a complex!

Thank You!

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