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Discussion in 'Java' started by Roy van Loon, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Roy van Loon

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    In this thread i want to give attention to the Java Web Frameworks

    The well known and bigger frameworks:
    Struts (1.x series) -
    Spring MVC Framework -
    JavaServer Faces (JSF) -
    Webwork -
    Tapestry -

    De smaller and newer frameworks:
    Stripes -
    Click -
    Wicket -
    Seam -
    Thinwire -
    RIFE -
    Shale -
    Echo2 -
    Grails -

    Not to forget to mention the upcomming:
    Struts 2(combo between Struts en WebWork) -


    A couple of interesting links that could be usefull:

    What Web Application framework should you use? -
    RE: What Web Application framework should you use? -
    Java Web Framework Sweet Spots - By Matt Raible -
    Comparing Web Frameworks Presentation -


    I have to research after "Development Technologies for Rich Content
    Websites". In this case i have the definition of a problem:
    "For every new customer, the look-and-feel of the website must be
    changed to their preferences, usually including corporate templates
    etc. Changing the look-and-feel is sometimes time consuming."

    To answer this problem/question i have to make a conclusion verdict of
    this where i will describe which framework would suit the best to
    solve this problem. This is offcource based on come criteria.


    The purpose of this thread is to find out, similar to the useful blogs
    i posted above, what the community think of this subject (this because
    the comment on those blogs a a little outdated):

    What do you think which framework is better, and why?
    With which are you familiar with?
    What is your vision about this subject?
    Which framework would suit the best for me in this case and the reason


    Roy van Loon, Feb 23, 2007
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