JavaScript AI Mind Programming Journal -- 2011 May 4



Wed.4.MAY.2011 -- Bugfix of the WHO Problem.

The JavaScript AI Mind is a tutorial version of the
more robust artificial intelligence in Forth called
MindForth. Recently we solved a "WHO" problem
in MindForth, namely the inability of the artificial mind
to de-activate the concept of "who" from within an
input query so as to impart full activation to whatever c
oncept should be the answer to the who-query.
In MindForth it turned out that the ReActivate
mind-module was neglecting to zero out the
concept of "who" and it was a simple bugfix to
correct the problem. Now apparently the JSAI
has the same problem, because we input
"who are you" and we obtain the erroneous
output, "WHO IS I". Since the concept of "who"
is obviously not being de-activated, we will try
the same bugfix that we used in MindForth.
We tried it, and it works.

Wed.4.MAY.2011 -- Selecting "AN" Article Before Vowels

Today into the J avaScript AI we have ported
MindForth code that substitutes "AN" for "A"
before a noun that starts with a vowel.
The mind-module of En Article (for English
articles) has no problem of guessing whether
a vowel comes next, but instead knows for
sure when a vowel is coming, because the
NounPhrase module is ready to speak the
first phoneme of the chosen noun prior to
calling the En Article module. Thus the
AiMind seems to use "AN" or "A" as
effortlessly as a human mind does.

Mentifex (Arthur)


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