Javascript onblur webpage update issues.

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by proudpapa2005, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Thanks for having a look!
    The issue I am dealing with here is that I am trying to update a
    webpage when the focus goes away from the page. For example I have a
    xml database and a form that users add data to. Put simply anyways. The
    problem is I cannot find a way to use the windows.onblur or onblur with
    any other object that updates the page when it is supposed to.
    I had some simple code that updates the XML and attempted to use
    I was using SetTimeout to update the page every minute or so. The
    update method works fine, I just cannot come up with the right onblur
    code that will only update the page when the focus is lost. If the page
    has focus at all i would like the updates to stop, and resume once it
    loses focus. It contains input fields, and drop down boxes, etc..and I
    think that messes with onfocus onblur of the window. Could someone
    point me in the right direction on this.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
    proudpapa2005, Nov 11, 2005
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