JNI for native DLL

Oct 28, 2010
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Hi All,

I am developing through which I need to call some functions from the native DLL.

Currently, I started an Visual Studio project and an writing an DLL application. Firstly I created a java file and declared the functions there and did a System.loadLibrary(native DLL) there. Then I compiled it using javac and created the jni header file.

Inside my visual studio project I have the native lib's header file, the newly created jni header file, and I wrote a .cpp file within which for each JNI function I mapped the corresponding functions from the native library. After compiling I have the new DLL.

Now how do I use this in my java app to call the relevant function? I just did a System.loadLibrary(new DLL) there. But how do I call the functions there?

I am getting UnsatisfiedLinkError (native method) error? How do I resolve it?



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