JNI with GUI refresh..



Hi to all.

I working on some graph application.. in that i communicating
with JNI thread (C prog) ... i calling C prog from Java and
displaying the Output of C prog..

when i say start.. a Java thread continuously monitoring C
prog output and C prog running on separate thread..

Problem is..
When i switch to other window (alt + tab) and when i come
back.."i can see only the graph area used to plot the graph.. rest of
the areas are just appearing as blank space.. the file menu, tool bars
are not appearing untill C-process get complete".. Once the process
completed ie. C prog complete the execution the GUI getting appear
very nice...


Is there any procedure or library method or tricky to keep
on updating / refreshing the whole GUI ... on my monitoring process

Monitoring prog... for(;;){ Keep on checking the status of
C. and display graph. if C-end just ..break}

Thanks in advance,


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