/Job/ need: Javascript developer in San Francisco downtown,



Mediaplex the technology division of ValueClick, provider of interactive
internet advertisement and marketing tools is looking for experienced
JavaScript and Flash Software Developer (contract) and Software Engineer
(permanent) positions. Job located in downtown of San Francisco, CA.
Good job with friendly atmosphere and minimum of bureaucracy.
Required knowledge of JavaScript: objects, closures, DOM manipulations, css
2-3, create/destroy/manipulate/positioning elements, cross domain/iframes
security (important), browser differences in JS and DOM and cross-browser
development, performance optimization, AJAX, debugging, error handling,
problem solving.
Required knowledge of Flash: Action Script2/3, write/create dynamic ad
banners (not a graphical design but code), interaction with JavaScript, find
and fix problems, etc.
Nice to have: jQuery, HTML5, canvas.
Please submit resume to (e-mail address removed)

Additionally (not required), you can send resume with following answers (b=?
and _why_) to (e-mail address removed).

1. a = 2; b = a++ + (--a * ++a);
2. b=!-[1,];
3. b = +!{}[0];



Garrett Smith

chapai said:
Mediaplex the technology division of ValueClick, provider of interactive

I actually know that, spammer.

That company is about the same business as you; spam and marketing garbage.

The few here who are in the area would not be likely be interested in
that. THe website is such a disaster that it would be embarrassment to
have anything related t othe company on one's resume.

Your post is off topic for this newsgroup and would not be of much
interest to readers outside of the Bay Area, much less to those outside
the country. you're a nuisance; get lost, chapai.

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