[JOB] Ruby on Rails developers needed at assembla.com


Stu Kirsch

Please apply online at https://www.assembla.com/search/show_job/164

Assembla seeks talented Ruby on Rails developers. We are looking for
productive coders to drive our code forward with rails and JavaScript.
You will work with other great developers on our distributed teams,
building Assembla.com and other products for Web 2.0 startup companies.

* Talented, highly productive developer, and a good object-oriented
* Understands Ruby and ready to work with Ruby on Rails
* Experienced Web developer with a history of releasing dynamic
applications. Must understand HTTP, HTML, CSS, and Web user interfaces
* JavaScript knowledge is very helpful
* Written English skills
* Can work independently. You should have experience designing and
building a complete software product or application by yourself.
* Understands how to work in a distributed, open source, or outsourced
team with online ticketing and version control.

You can work anywhere in the world and set your own hours. You should
have a computer and a broadband Internet connection.
We are looking for full-time, or part-time with more than 25 hours per
week available. We want to work with the best, and create long term
relationships. We will offer you some trial tasks, with immediate
payment, and learn to work together. If that goes well we will offer you
a long-term contract.

Please visit http://www.assembla.com/search/show_job/164 and click on
APPLY TO THIS JOB. Upload a resume and include in your profile your
hourly rate and your availability.


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