less or sass and colour schemes

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Tim w, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Tim w

    Tim w Guest

    Taking a look at these css pre-processors. What I want to do is to be
    able to create and switch colour schemes easily. afaict I can easily
    create variables for the different colours I use in a scheme, or rather
    for the different places I use colours, so I would have say


    But I can't for the moment see how I then save the set of variables as a
    scheme or theme. Beginning to wonder if it's going to be worth the
    bother of learning and using the pre-processor.

    Less is what I am using. How would you use it to organise changeable
    colour schemes?

    Tim W
    Tim w, Mar 17, 2014
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  2. Tim w

    TK Guest

    I am not sure I am understanding the problem correctly. I had a site
    with seven different css files, one for each day of the week using php.
    The only variation was in the color schemes you list. I have never
    dealt with a css pre-processor.
    TK, Mar 17, 2014
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  3. Tim w

    Tim w Guest

    I am not sure I am even posing the question correctly. I could as you
    say just have different css files, but then I would have to alter them
    all if I wanted to alter one. I could extract the color declarations and
    put them in a separate css file but that might make editing confusing.

    Less (or any preprocessor) allows you to use variables (which are
    actually constants iiuc) so that you can effectively name colours, which
    in itself is totally pointless unless that colour is used multiple times
    and you want to change it you can do so just by assigning a different
    colour to the name. But my css is small and reasonably well written so
    the colour declarations aren't repeated unecessarily for every element
    at every level of the cascade and my sites might typically only use 3,4
    or 5 colours in total and I can always use 'Find and Replace' so the
    variables themseves are just not going to make a big difference to my
    work unless I can group them together as complete 'themes' or 'schemes'

    Ist that a 'mixin' I need? Not by the examples I have seen. Is there
    some other preprocessor function which will do this? Or am I wasting my

    Tim W
    Tim w, Mar 18, 2014
  4. Tim w

    Tim w Guest


    ...Or am I wasting my
    I had realised that the poeple who post here are very old-school, but
    suprised at the lack of opinions. Maybe these pre-processors are just
    not widely used.

    Tim W
    Tim w, Mar 19, 2014
  5. Tim w

    dorayme Guest

    Phew... just give me a minute while I get my aged body out of this
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    Choose"... now what were we talking about Tim? Oh yes...

    Just for trying our new colour schemes, I have kept a separate css
    file containing colour information that overrides others that are in
    the main one, one that is easy to change. Or I have kept *a few*
    overrides, changing *the order of the links* in the head to enact
    different schemes. Or I have made my colour information sparse and
    easy to change, letting most elements be like clear glass and allowing
    the basic colours to shine through.
    dorayme, Mar 19, 2014
  6. Tim w

    Tim W Guest

    Tim W, Mar 22, 2014
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