Daniel Daly

A series of, perhaps random thoughts, or if you take the time to try
and make some coherent sense of the whole, perhaps something deeper.
But probably not.

I was inspired to start this task by the book ‘By the Waters of
Galilee’ by Fr Luke Fay of Catholic faith. I had read the first two
chapters, was enjoying it, and started thinking. And I thought of a
work called ‘Life’ with a similar cover to the cover of Fr Fay’s
work. And the idea was simply a writing of life. Perhaps the closest
thing that was to come to it was a self-help book, but in its purest
form I intended it to not even be that. Perhaps philosophy, but I am
not trying to be philosophical, yet it probably is philosophy, even
though that is not my intent. I simply wanted to write thoughts on
life, thoughts about a positive moral life, which might make it almost
a religious or spiritual text, but that was not the intent. It is
simply to be about life, not a novel, not a work of science, but just
thoughts on life.

Perhaps I should be dramatic and write lovely poetical language about
the wonders of creation in true King David style. King David wrote
some of the Psalms in the Holy Bible and wrote about creation a bit.
At least, the psalms are recorded as being written by King David, but
some people (Funk of the Historical Jesus) says no to that from

I suppose as this work unfolds I will write about nature, but if I was
perfectly honest I am no King David. I know I really should care
about the plight of the whales and that Japan are really naughty, but
I think they just like whale meat, so to hell with that.

How about the oil spill off the American coast. Thank God its over
there is probably the bottom line for this shallow environmentalist.

Anyway, enough with current affairs. Actually, no, I will write on
some current affairs. I prayed, a while back, for Kevin Rudd to be
Prime Minister for 21 years. I am keeping the faith on that prayer,
as I am a left wing idealist. My friend Adrian Chan is not the
biggest fan of politicians, but I assume they generally have good
intentions, and that the demands of satisfying everyone means they
aggravate a lot of people. But that is only life after all.

I like listening to music. I have schizophrenia so often go on mad
rampages and destroy half of my cd collection in a fit of psychosis.
But psychosis affects a lot of people, so I am not alone.

I was at the pool recently and I thought up some ideas for a whacky
book called ‘Zen I’. The dialogue goes something like this.

Zen Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen I Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen Zen Zen I I I I Zen I
Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen I Zen Zen Zen I Zen Zen I

I Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen

Zen I Zen I Zen I Zen

Zen Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen

Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen I Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen I Zen I

Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen

Zen I I I I I

Zen Zen I Zen Zen Zen I

Zen I Zen I Zen I

& so on and so forth in about 40 pages of a little hardback
anthology. On the final page the last line goes:

Zen Zen I Zen I Zen I Zen Zen (4XQR#) Zen I Zen I
Zen I

It is non stop Zen I until that line. I don’t know why, it just is.

I reckon Madonna should go into the studio with a compilation of new
songs written by songwriters she has hired. She should do an album a
day for 3 years straight – over 1000 albums – just doing one or two
takes of each song, and being filmed all the time, and with video
workers simply making videos for all the songs for her from the
ongoing video of her singing. Just one to two takes of the song, get
the album finished, and released. And do this every day for 3 years.
She can hire countless mixers and producers for the stuff and just
realease a shitload of albums and videos. Overkill in the most
extreme, and it really doesn’t matter if they sell that much, because
there will be enough diehards who will buy all of them and she will
sell tonnes. She is a hard worker, could get the job done, and it
would get her the highest album sales of all time after a while.
Someone with her fame and wealth could do that, and I would if I could
sing, had her fame and her money.

4 + 4 = 8

8 + 8 = 16

16 + 16 = 32

Mathematics is a very entertaining subject for intellectuals. You
see, intellectuals are what they call in classic American schoolyard
jargon, the nerds. And the nerds like Maths, English, Science, and
putting computer systems together.

I hope to be a fully qualified nerd upon retirement. Think of all the
dollar bills they end up getting, hey. I mean look at Billy Gates.
Come up with Microsoft and what the Trillions role in. But apparently
the kids don’t get a cent, and have to work for themselves. Now
that’s a responsible parent.

Intellectuals also like philosophy, sneering at religious people who
believe in creationism (which I do), and listening to classical or
alternative music and disdaining all things commercial. Heavy Metal
has a similar attitude, especially back in the day. I mean, if you
were a metalhead and listened to the Spice Girls it was a death
penalty offense or excommunication from the headbangers ball. And if
you touched Boyzone they would torture you first.

Heavy Metal gurus are another bunch of pseudo-intellectual snobs.
Parading their Black Sabbath albums, saying that Led Zeppelin are
gods, and that such and such a band – their current fave – has
reinvented heavy metal forever.

They love to give ratings in heavy metal mags, but rolling stone does
that too. And people honestly take an interest in these ratings. But
if there is one thing I have discovered is that tastes are often very
subjective – they vary widely from person to person – and an album
that somebody may rate very poorly, another set of persons might enjoy
tremendously. Especially poppy commercial stuff which is, again,
sneered at, but which usually sells the most because the kids have
enough sense to buy albums which are actually fun and not laden down
with depressing angst and bullshit feelings of a so-called
contemplated soul. Intelligent albums SUCK unless there is a quality
of music which is attractive, melodic and memorable. Michael Jackson,
for example, may be on many supposedly serious music critics hate list
for his pop classic ‘Thriller’, but he is at number one because he
knows what the kids like. And, funnily enough, these commercial
artists who sell the most end up being the ‘Beatles’ of their era, and
end up very respected. It happens to them with time and age. Mozart
was an upstart to some to start with, despite his brilliance
(apparently). Justin Beiber, for example, would be laughed at by a
supposedly serious music critic, but the kids are not dumb. He sings
a song which perfectly captures their vibe as teenagers, and is
entirely appropriate and critically excellent for his target
audience. He doesn’t have to produce Amy Lee or Bob Dylan. That is
not his audience, and would be stupid to suggest it is. But that is
what people often fall into with age – they forget the younger
generation are learning, and that they too once liked such stuff.

Oh, and as a confirmed Noahide, I don’t really mind if the Beatles
thought they were bigger than Jesus for a while. They possibly were.

When I was younger I felt it important to develop religious morality
to be a perfect person. I still think that somewhat, but don’t worry
as much anymore. Jesus says in the gospels ‘Be Ye Perfect as your
Father in Heaven is Perfect.’ A challenge to Christians I suppose.

You know, there are a hell of a lot of those 2 billion Christians (I
have seen the statistics – approx 1 bill Catholics and 1 bill non-
catholic Christians) who work there assess of spiritually to give
Jesus a hell of a witness for the continued growth and establishment
of his church of Glory.

As a Noahide I view Jesus as an ambitious Jewish man, dedicated to his
own glory, by and large.

Now, as a Christian most of you view Jesus as God. But he isn’t. He
wasn’t. And he never will be. He was just a bloke. If you don’t
believe me ask God the father (ie Yahweh). These days he might
possibly inform you upon the answer to that question, as he is
severely pro-Israel from all my personal observations.

Anyway, in current rankings of the all time most popular human beings,
the rankings approximately come up like this.

Number One – Jesus of Nazareth

Number Two – Muhammed

Number Three – Jesus mother, Mary

Number Four – Buddha

Number Five – Moses, I think

Number Six – Apostle Paul

Number Seven – The current number seven is either Taylor Swift or
Miley Cyrus on current myspace page hits. This might surprise you,
but this is their era and the current ‘Cult of Personality’ has HUGE
fanbases. Really fucking HUGE fanbases.

Anyway Miley and Taylor edge out Apostle Peter, King David, Abraham,
Jacob, Adolph Hitler, and Justin Beiber for the present, but he is in
the top 20 all time just about. I know that is recent, but you don’t
know the power of the current fame monster, as Gaga puts it, with the
ever expanding human population.

Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Shakespeare, Robert Pattinson,
Daniel Radcliffe, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Victoria Beckham, George
Washington, J K Rowling, J R R Tolkien, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley,
Winston Churchill & Emma Watson are some of the very big names, likely
in the top thirty to forty all time. Add on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
and Ludwig Van Beethoven who are currently the two number ones in the
classical scene – they share the honour.

But number one is the carpenter from Nazareth. Still caining after
2000 years. Believe me, that takes some effort, but with the beloved
‘Cross’ at his disposal, which the faithful were around their necks
with pride, the ‘Christ Child’ isn’t letting go of the number one slot
any time soon. Hey, people think he is actually God himself, and that
takes a lot to compete with. But somebody’s got to do it.

Probably 666 will show up, some dude or dudette thinking that might
work for a while, and take on the JC fellow. Bad news at the moment,
though, because most humans are patently aware that the mark of the
beast is bad news on judgement day. But, fucking hell, Iron Maiden
released ‘Number of the Beast’ and sold a shitload. I guess the
Antichrist is a keen competitor to the big fellow. You never know, he
might grab the top slot for a while. What was that? Seven years says
my pentecostal friend? Tribulation glory, but it won’t last? Aye

So how did Jesus get to the top slot? I have written on that before,
but lets just say this much. If you can win somebody’s respect, and
then start a religious cult, and then have that cult evangelize their
socks off for 2000 years, it sure as hell helps.

So how do you potential wannabes start a religious cult then? In
Christianity every tom dick and harry started a church for a while.
They were called protestants. So, to be a protestant, it is simple.
Tell your current pastoral overlord to take a running jump, and start
preaching those doctrines you have always wanted to preach, and
evangelize. Evangelization is easy. First, do up a free website on
angelfire, and post your church doctrines and teachings. Go to the
library and print off 100 pages of A4 flyers, 4 flyers to a page, and
cut them into 4s and make sure you put the name of the church and the
website link and email address. And then, if you really want to build
wonderchurch, make it your hobby to go to carparks, put flyers on car
windows, and do this for 20 years. Its slow, but it works.

Now, for you lateral thinkers, Christianity is basically covered. Try
something new. L Ron Hubbard did. He called it scientology, and the
freaks practically worship him.

So go for something pseudo spiritual, a catchy name, special key
teachings on enlightenment, and stick to your guns. Oh, and be
dramatic. It helps.

Those thoughts will do for now. I might continue this some time.

Oh, and one last thing. I want to plug a few books which are truly

Hugh Cook – the 10 Volume epic ‘Chronicles of an Age of Darkness’.
Intense, weird, novel, original and exciting.

David Eddings – The Eternal ‘Belgariad’ series. I have SEEN the Harry
Potters, but Edding’s, while currently still very popular, deserves to
reach J K Rowling numbers in sales.

Raymond E Feist – Magician. The ultimate fantasy epic, and the first
volume of the Riftwar saga. Hugely popular, and deserves to be, and
really you should read it.

And one last plug:

My favourite all time rock album – Bon Jovi ‘New Jersey’

My favourite all time pop album – Rihanna ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’

My favourite all time Christian album – Susan Ashton ‘A Distant Call’


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