LoadingText disabled CascadingDropdown box

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Services' started by X. Zhang, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. X. Zhang

    X. Zhang Guest

    I had two CascadingDropdown boxes in the web form. The second one was
    populated depending on the selection of first one. I set LoadingText values
    for both. After page loading, both of them were disabled. Fist of all, I had
    no clue. Then I played around with them, and found as long as I commented out
    LoadingText, everything works.

    Any ideas? Thanks,
    X. Zhang, Nov 21, 2008
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  2. X. Zhang

    X. Zhang Guest

    I know what the problem is. PromptText has to be set with LoadingText. If
    only LoadingText is set, after loading, the box is disabled.

    Then why does it behave that way?
    X. Zhang, Nov 21, 2008
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