Jun 15, 2022
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I'm creating a development server on my box.

I'm quite set on using WordPress to do this (I've hacked wordpress 3- in the past and loved it).

I've got a main wp installation at localhost/wordpress, as well as a fake child at localhost.fakechild/wordpress. I'm currently using mainwp to handle all of my sites, pods for dynamic data and looking into elementor for frontend. From the looks of it (thus far) everything I would need to build any website are in that setup, with raw code being the bottom-most means of editing.

I'm totally wondering, why hasn't this functionality been built into wordpress? Am I the only one to notice this?

Anyways, all in all, I'm just wondering what a good localhost setup is for web dev...I figure other than the above I'll need something for general, non-wp stuff.



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