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Nov 18, 2021
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So me and my wife both have a GPS on our phone (TROUBLE), right? She started acting strange for a few weeks. So I happen to notice that the GPS in the day time (Life 360) was showing her parked at random locations instead of work. So me being a curious duck, I decided to do some investigation. And what I find is interesting, but I don't know much about coding.......Perhaps an expert here can help me.

I noticed her phone had some weird lock that was different than normal at first. And then scrolling through, I noticed a folder of like secret apps, with weird settings. So I kept digging.

It almost looks like someone changed all the Coding to "Mock Locations." Saying she was somewhere that she wasn't. But I wanted to get an experts opinion.

"Mach Locations" Photo: https://ibb.co/jRPtP11 (Zoom In)

Nov. 11th: GPS not at work. https://ibb.co/9rzRVZZ Nov 11: Weird Coding. https://ibb.co/9WZWCGk

It's the same thing, for like 6 days straight. The phone is full of weird privacy settings.

Shows there's "dual" IMEI Numbers. https://ibb.co/x6YF31z

Then the setting to allow calls on 2 phones via Cloud.
Then a setting that shows to show a parking lot location linked to car blue tooth. Which is weird because the GPS shows her sitting in a random parking lot for hours. https://ibb.co/NCLfSs6

So what's the verdict with all the coding? Has the phone been tampered with too alter the GPS location?

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