Looking for beginning ruby instructors



Hope this is an OK post since it's not strictly technical in nature...

I manage Info Systems at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco
(www.jccsf.org) and am working with our programming staff to start
new, 'current' tech classes. I've also started learning Ruby thanks to
Sarah and Sarah (and Bosco) - so I'm interested in offering a 6 week
Intro to Ruby on Rails class. I'm looking for an instructor for at
least one session starting in late August.

In terms of a teacher, I'm looking for someone that's advanced to
expert level Ruby programmer (in case students run into problems) but
able to dumb things down effectively for beginners, someone personable
enough to hold everyone's attention, and enough of a self-starter to
come up with a syllabus and training materials. Prior teaching
experience is great, but I'm open to someone that wants to gain
experience or see what teaching is like, as long as you've got the
Ruby experience.

Class will be once a week around 2 hours (6:30-8:30ish) exact dates
are below. I'll be asking registrants to bring their own laptops and
we'll supply either wireless and/or network cables and power.
Instructor would also need their own laptop to plug into our
projector. We've got a very nice facility and I'll be making sure
that we have all the other hardware we need.

This will start as a contract position, but if someone stays with us
for a bit we can also offer this as a PT benefited position, which
comes with standard benefits and a nice discount on our gym and other

If you're interested, please email me- ruby at jobtrajectory dot com-
with a resume/bit about why you're interested and your experience.
Please also feel free to email me if you're interested in the class
and I'll make sure you get info when registration opens.

Possible dates:

Thursday 8/20-9/24
Tuesday 10/20-11/24


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