Make "backstretch" slideshow display images randomly

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by kennyp, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Nov 8, 2019
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    The following "backstretch" script is working well as a slideshow with captions.

    Can you please tell me what needs to be added to the script so that all images will display randomly?


    Code (Text):

      var items = [
    { img: "images/backgrounds/karloff-frankenstein.jpg", caption: "Boris Karloff"},

        { img: "images/backgrounds/lon-chaney.jpg", caption: "Lon Chaney"},

        { img: "images/backgrounds/karloff-mummy.jpg", caption: "Boris Karloff"},

        { img: "images/backgrounds/bride-of-frankenstein.jpg", caption: "Elsa Lanchester and Boris Karloff"},

        { img: "images/backgrounds/bela-lugosi.jpg", caption: "Bela Lugosi"},

        { img: "images/backgrounds/orlok-in-bremen.jpg", caption: "Max Schreck"}

            var options = {
                fade: 2000,
                duration: 6000

            var images = $.map(items, function(i) { return i.img; });
            var slideshow = $.backstretch(images,options);

            $(window).on("", function(e, instance) {
                var theCaption = items[instance.index].caption;
                var theLink = items[instance.index].link;
                if (theLink) {
                 $(".backstretch-caption").html('<a href="'+theLink+'">'+theCaption+'</a>').show().addClass('animated fadeInUp');
                } else {
                 $(".backstretch-caption").text(theCaption).show().addClass('animated fadeInUp');
            $(window).on("backstretch.before", function(e, instance) {

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    kennyp, Nov 8, 2019
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