MasterPage subdirectory and ResolveUrl - not working correctly



I have an older web project that I am trying to update with new .NET
2.0 features.

I put new master pages in a subdirectory below the project directory.
This particular project runs under IIS (rather than using a file
location). So, the directory that my master pages are in looks like


All of my content pages are located under \MyProject. All of the user
controls for the project are located under \MyProject\UserControls.

Now, the issue I am having is that I have usercontrols that I am
putting onto the master page. These user controls contain references
to images. I had already gone through the whole site before starting
to use master pages and put code similar to the following on all URL
references in the user controls:

Me.hlLogo.NavigateUrl = Me.Parent.ResolveUrl("~/Images/Logo.gif")

This resolved the references to the images perfectly when it was
executed within a user control. For example:

<img src="/MyProject/Images/Logo.gif"></img>

It even worked when the page that contained the master page was
several levels below the /MyProject directory.

However, now that the user control is on a master page, I am getting
the following error when trying to resolve the URLs using ResolveUrl.

<img src="/MyProject/MasterPages/Images/Logo.gif"></img>

I searched everywhere and I can't seem to find anyone that had this
particular issue. Is there a limitation on Master Pages that they
can't be placed in a subdirectory without the content pages? If not,
why is this path coming up with ResolveUrl?

By the way, I tried changing the code in my user control to something
more like...

Me.hlLogo.NavigateUrl = Me.Parent.Parent.ResolveUrl("~/Images/


Me.hlLogo.NavigateUrl = Me.Parent.Page.ResolveUrl("~/Images/Logo.gif")

....but I always get the same result in every case.


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