Discussion in 'C Programming' started by Bill Cunningham, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Wow that's a good price. I have someone taking care of my money I get
    for social security disability and they allow me $50 a week. So things are
    kind of rough.
    Bill Cunningham, Apr 22, 2014
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  2. What I love is the implication in Bill's posts (the one above and others

    over the years) that there is some big do-ha to learning C. For crying out

    loud, it's a programming language; it's not like it's a spoken foreign

    language (which really does take years of study and effort to learn). In

    the real world, people are expected to pick up programming languages and

    start using them in a matter of days.

    BTW, welcome "Michael Angelo Ravera" to the small group of twisted nuts who
    post in both CLC and RGB. There's a lot of similarity between the two
    groups - both arenas (C and Bridge) offer a lot of opportunities for
    cliquishness and snarkiness. As far as I know, there are 3 in the club at
    present (me, Martin Ambuhl, and now you).[/QUOTE]

    I've been posting to both for quite a while and notice that you do also. I try to avoid snarkiness in both groups (and the others in which I post). Ifsomeone is legitimately asking a question, there is no need to to belittlethem for asking it. I have explained previous to Bill a list of about 7 fundamental concepts that he needs to understand in order to program in C (and many other languages to, but C is the least forgiving of those who don't understand these concepts). You might get by in some languages without understanding these concepts, but not in C.
    Michael Angelo Ravera, Apr 22, 2014
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  3. Bill Cunningham

    James Kuyper Guest

    On 04/22/2014 06:23 PM, Michael Angelo Ravera wrote:
    There is considerable reason for doubting the legitimacy of Bill
    Cunningham's questions. He's been posting messages to comp.lang.c since
    at least 2002-06-04 (according to Google Group's admittedly flaky
    database), and has been "learning" C the whole time. Those questions
    often reflect apparent confusion so deep as to be incoherent; the same
    is true of his responses to other people's advice. He's been given
    plenty of answers to his questions that were as good as they could be,
    given the incoherence of his questions. He's been given lots of good
    advice. Yet he's still asking new questions that are essentially the
    same as questions he first asked a decade ago.

    He has claimed that drugs he has been prescribed inhibit his ability to
    learn; apparently those drugs have, among other things, inhibited his
    ability to learn how futile it is to attempt to learn C while taking
    such drugs. Whether he's legitimately incapable of learning, or some
    weird kind of troll, trying to help him is unlikely to cause anything
    other than frustration.

    You are, of course, free to make your own decision about whether to
    bother trying to help him - but I'd recommend making it an informed
    decision, by reviewing some of his posting history:
    James Kuyper, Apr 23, 2014
  4. [snip]

    He's been posting messages to comp.lang.c since
    Really? I didn't know that. And I figure if anyone I would know. I have
    been /studying/ and /considering/ C on and off for the length of time you
    mentioned (maybe). One reason for not learning is I admit frustrations and
    leaving C for sometimes 6 months to almost a year. And as I say I have been
    asking about C for consideration. Serious consideration. My main interest is
    in *nixs and you can;t do that without C.

    Bill Cunningham, Apr 25, 2014
  5. Bill Cunningham

    Jorgen Grahn Guest

    In the case of getaddrinfo(), I think the documentation is good, but
    the functionality is complex and it concerns the parts of the BSD
    socket interface where the terminology is vague.

    Jorgen Grahn, Apr 25, 2014
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