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Mar 13, 2022
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Heyooo! I am a Radio enthusiast from Boston, Massachusetts on a mission. My mission is to create a mobile Web SDR. Using a Rasperry PI, I wish to create a device that can connect to nearby WiFi and go to website of SDRs around the world and use that audio from the webpage and play it on my device, where I will have a display and buttons to select through options and choose diffrent SDRs to connect to, essentialy making it possible to listen to any radio broadcast anywhere in the world. However, I am very new to coding, and running off of what I was taught at High School robotics, and that is that you need a Raspberry Pi to install stuff to run the mobile SDR here. I will need some guidence, like with how to use Python, troubleshotoing, what right equipment to use, etc. But seeing that KiwiSDR has some stuff that i can use with Raspery PI already set up for me, this may be easier that I thought, but still challanging because I know almost nothing about coding. Thanks and I'm looking forward to working with yall!
Mar 3, 2021
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Sounds like a fun project. I'm not really sure you need the RPi for that, though. If you were building your own SDR, sure, the RPi's got capes, etc, and can interact with hardware like that far easier than a full-fledged computer. But, those are two separate problems, too, which actually helps. You can do the web KiwiSDR client development and testing on your home computer and move it to the RPi later on. Unless you're trying to use the website of SDRs to choose the frequency and mode and then use that to set your RPi SDR settings to tune in to the actual signal. That'd be different. And very cool. Anyway, I've got RPi, Python, and HAM experience (though, admittedly, not SDR), so just come on back with any questions. This project sounds neat.


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