NEED HELP: multiply and divide with integer in VHDL

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by ledinhkha, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. ledinhkha

    ledinhkha Guest

    hi all,

    I'm new with VHDL. In my code, i have to calculate, like:

    value_output := (buff00 - min) * 255 / max;

    in which, these variables are declared as integers.

    variable max: integer;
    variable min: integer;
    variable buff00: integer;
    variable value_output: integer;

    I've got no syntax error. But when i try to synthesize, i got this

    Operator <DIVIDE> must have constant operands or first operand must be
    power of 2

    HOw can I fix it?

    Thks so much, it's urgent!
    ledinhkha, Dec 14, 2005
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  2. ledinhkha

    David Bishop Guest

    Two ways:
    1) Use a different synthesis tool. Only primitive ones don't support

    2) You can do a divide two ways. Either a subtraction tree or a Newton
    Raphson. You can find examples of both in my floating point packages at:
    Look for a function called "short_divide". You will have to expand it
    to take a numerator of a variable MSB.
    David Bishop, Dec 15, 2005
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  3. Hi,

    By just rereading my answer on your question three days ago and doing
    the task to agreed to do: read about dividers in HW (and understand
    what you read).
    We all will answer your concrete question that likely will arise, but
    this newsgroup is no online-task-solver.

    A divider is a bit more complex than just an AND. You have a lot of
    posibillities to implement a divider and each has its own limitations
    and goodies, so you need to be a bit more precise to the synthesis. Of
    course your right when saying a synthesis tool should always infer a
    simple parallel divider for this code and it should be up to you to
    replace the parallel divider by a better sollution when necessary, but
    in real designs there is more harm done this way, than telling division
    can't be done that way.

    A simple sollution would be to search a divider core that fits for your
    needs Xilinx provides a divider in coregen, I gues every other Vendor
    as well. Opencore would be second place to have a look.

    Your code needs a 32-Bit divider. I'm not sure if you need a 32 bit
    divider, but you will face some problems with a parallel divider with
    32 bit width.

    bye Thomas
    Thomas Stanka, Dec 15, 2005
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