need object crafts csv module pre-compiled for 2.3

Discussion in 'Python' started by rabbits77, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. rabbits77

    rabbits77 Guest

    I need a binary version of object craft's csv
    parser( for 2.3. I do not
    have the appropriate C environment for Windows and getting one is an
    impossibility(in the short term anyway). I am working on a project
    which uses this module. The project needs to work under 2.3 but this
    module is used so extensively refactoring the code to use another
    parsing method would be an undertaking that I would prefer not to do
    at the moment and instead concentrate on other areas of the code.
    So.......If anyone has such a binary already could you e-mail me a
    copy and/or make it available on the web. Yes, before it gets asked, I
    have already contacted the module's authors, however, I'd like to cast
    as wide a net as possible as this is fairly urgently needed.
    rabbits77, Nov 24, 2003
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