OnReleaseState seems slower in .net 2.0/3.5


Phil Johnson


I am profiling a web application that I have in both .net 1.1 and .net 3.5

When I expand a tree node we have three requests to the server and they all
go through the session lifecycle (AcquireRequestState, OnReleaseState etc).

The problem is that in the newer application (.net 3.5) the OnReleaseState
seems to be twice as long... for the three hits altogether its spending 552ms
in the OnReleaseState which is a lot more than half of the overall processing
time (999 ms).

In the older .net 1.1 version of the application the OnReleaseState is much
quicker, only 271.8 ms, which coincidentally is the exact same time that the
overall processing is shorter than the .net 3.5 version (overall processing
time in 1.1 version is 718ms)

This makes the overall processing time in .net 1.1 only .75% of what it is
in .net 3.5

Does anybody have any ideas why this might be or any ways to speed it up in

The methods that come out in the .net 1.1 trace indicate asynchronous
processing (SetAsyncWorker)... could this be a change between the versions of
..net that is affecting the length of time to process requests?


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