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Jonathan Crawford


I made a small change to a .Net 2 framework website and uploaded it today
and went to the site and got

Parser Error Message: Could not load type
Source Error:
Line 1: <%@ Application Codebehind="Global.asax.vb"
Inherits="Tgsi.CortijoRomero.Website.Global" %>

If you rename the global then it gives the same error with another class. I
am pretty sure that there is no code error
and positive that the dll is uploaded to the right bin directory. I have
recompiled it and uploaded it countless times.

The ISP says that it is a script error and cant assist.

I have downloaded the entire failing site and uploaded it to another ISP,
reconfigured the
db connection and it works perfectly (I also did this on two local servers
without issue)

I am still up the creek as I don't know what is wrong, the ISP isn't helping
and we don't
have a website.

I would be grateful if anyone has any idea because it is killing me



Jonathan Crawford


I had found that one before mailing the list
I find it a little sad that MS don't deal with this kind of thing
in any depth. If you copy the error into MSDN search,
the first entry is about security permissions and the rest non relevant.

My code was compiled correctly. I am not a beginner.
I even created a brand new project with one page and no
script and put it on the site, and got the same error

I put the site on 3 other servers and it worked perfectly

If it was me, I would delete the website in IIS and recreate it,
but I can't as the ISP says it is a script file error and haven't
responded for 48 hours.

This is one of the truly awful things about MS, how they can
build systems which fail so catastrophically whilst giving
either an irrelevant error messages or none at all. To be
honest they make working life grim, and that is before getting started on



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