PDF extraction of specific data

Jun 13, 2021
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Hello all,

would it be able to extract information by name search, and a breakdown of selected information when there is an if function:
Search name: John Smith
(code immediately extracts information pertaining to selected information on the PDF page)
(information is collated and displayed in a separate PDF file.)

I.e. PDF view
Search (John Smith)
John Smith

Travels to:
Place: Hours:
1. Paris 2:00
2. Spain 4:00
1. Berlin 5:00
1. London 6:00
2. Italy 0:30
2. Portugal 0:30
1. Belgium 0:30

If this was in table format:
Would it be possible to extract data from points 1. and 2. and create totals on a separate PDF

1. 2:00, 5:00, 6:00, 0:30 = total 13:30
2. 4:00, 0:30, 0:30 = total 5:00

Is it possible to produce these results automatically by search and then to break these down in an easy to read format??

Thank you for your time,


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