Peasy: an easy but powerful parser


Simeon Chaos

I've released Peasy, which is an easy but powerful parser.
Peasy brings a new method to write the parser. with Peasy, you write the parser by hand, just like to write any other kind of program. Do not be confused by "by hand", with the method brought by Peasy, it's easier and more powerful than using other tools or libraries.
Peasy presents itself as a module of single file. To use Peasy, copy to your project, read it, modify it, write the grammar rules, and remove any unnecessary stuffs in Peasy, and parse with the grammar.
Peasy has an simple, elegant and fast support for direct/indirect left recursive grammar, See [here]( ) for a concrete sample.
The [annotated code]( ) is best document for Peasy at the moment.


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