Please Help with this Password Script .. Im Confused !!!

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by Ritchie Valens, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am new to Javascript, and spend all my time reading, and trying to
    learn Javascript.

    I managed to find this free password script, but I cant work out how
    to access the password page.

    The script is free:

    I cant work out what the password is, or how to change it for my
    There is no documentation, to explain how it works.

    Can anybody work it out?

    I tried ringing the software creator, but the line is dead.

    Can anyone help please?
    Life is Good !!!
    Ritchie Valens, Jul 26, 2011
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  2. The passwords are represented by script files. E.g. if there is a file
    called jake123.js (as indeed there is in the test package) the user name
    "jake" and password "123" will pass -- as will user name "jak" with
    password "e123". The contents of these files determine the target page.

    BUT! Don't use this method and don't use this script in particular --
    it provides zero security. As a first step towards alternatives, read
    up on HTTP authentication.

    Ben Bacarisse, Jul 26, 2011
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  3. Ritchie Valens

    Evertjan. Guest

    Ritchie Valens wrote on 26 jul 2011 in comp.lang.javascript:
    Do not use clientside scripts for passwords. Anyone reading the script can
    find out the paqssword, or even "better", a way around the password.

    Passwords should be autenticated on the server.

    Secondly never use password autentication scripts you do not understand,
    how would you know they are safe?
    Free can be very expensive for the above reasons.


    The only way I know to get some but very small measure of security without
    serverside code, is to use a secret url filename:

    onsubmit = 'location.href= +
    ".html";return false;'>
    <input type='password' name='pw'> password
    <input type='submit'>
    Evertjan., Jul 26, 2011
  4. Hmm, I had a thought.

    Supposing you store some text files on a server, each text file contains
    a json encoded string of the form


    works like this:

    read the "userkey" in a script, convert it to a url, request that url
    using an xhr, JSON.parse it, then if the password given matches a p, load
    the appropriate page url u.

    It's security by obscurity, as soon as the "userkey" is compromised, it
    falls apart, and anyone reading the code will see a means of brute-
    forcing to obtain the password file.

    You could use any phrase as the user key if you checksum it (eg http:// as part of generating the password file url,
    this will make such brute forcing a bit harder.

    Still an absolutely crap security model, but it might keep the parents
    away from the risque photos of the girlfriend for a couple of days.


    Denis McMahon
    Denis McMahon, Jul 26, 2011
  5. Ben,

    Thankyou so much for that information.

    I was starting to think that the Var statement added up to make a
    third word.

    But thats great to know.

    I have started using newsgroups again after many years, and there is
    so much spam, but now All of you have responded, I will stay in this


    Life is Good !!!
    Ritchie Valens, Jul 26, 2011
  6. Evertjan,

    Thankyou for your careful advice.

    Much appreciated


    Life is Good !!!
    Ritchie Valens, Jul 26, 2011
  7. Denis,

    Your information makes sense, but because I am still learning
    Javascript, a lot of it is above my hear.

    Thankyou for your responsetho, I will re-read the info that you


    Life is Good !!!
    Ritchie Valens, Jul 26, 2011
  8. Ritchie Valens

    Evertjan. Guest

    Denis McMahon wrote on 26 jul 2011 in comp.lang.javascript:
    "security by obscurity" makes no sense, it is no security at all.

    And more:
    If you puplicize the ueserkey,
    and can read the stream on the web you plan to download by JSON,
    and can read the clientside javascript method,
    what obscurity is left?

    Even more:
    Why take the risk of walking on a motorway when cars are available?

    Use serverside programming and serverside databases.
    Evertjan., Jul 26, 2011
  9. I am learning Javascript, and I have messed with cgi also.

    I know that people say PHP is alo worth learning, or being familiar


    Life is Good !!!
    Ritchie Valens, Jul 26, 2011
  10. Ritchie Valens

    Mike Duffy Guest

    You are much too reserved and understated. This should read:

    "Never use scripts you do not understand."

    As well as the possibility you mention of the code being unsafe (or
    ineffective, inefficient, etc.), one must also consider the lifetime costs
    of maintaining such code.

    And I'm using the word "maintaining" very loosely here. It is more akin to
    re-adapting the code by trial-and-error to meet new requirements. (Emphasis
    on "error").
    Mike Duffy, Jul 26, 2011
  11. Ritchie Valens

    Evertjan. Guest

    Ritchie Valens wrote on 26 jul 2011 in comp.lang.javascript:
    Javascript and vbscript can be used serverside on an asp platform.

    PHP is the native serverside script language of linux servers.

    So take your pick.

    Serverside Javascript is the only one on topic on this NG,
    and has the dual advantage of using the same function blocks both
    serverside and clientside.

    PHP is a Javascript lookalike, seen from a distance.
    Evertjan., Jul 26, 2011
  12. Ritchie Valens

    Evertjan. Guest

    Mike Duffy wrote on 26 jul 2011 in comp.lang.javascript:
    I do not need another's code for that. I can do that with my own code of
    one year back easily, not understanding at all how and why it worked and
    still works as was required then.

    Rewriting essential parts of such code is fun, more fun than adaptation.

    Evenso, as I use Dutch descriptive variable names, I have less difficulty
    preventing the use of reserved words than many of you, and understanding
    those names next year.
    Evertjan., Jul 26, 2011
  13. In comp.lang.javascript message <[email protected]

    Assume that anything offered for nothing on the Web is likely at best to
    be trash, unless the author is clearly identifiable, with a good
    reputation and some apparent reason for making the offer.

    For real security, the password typed should be run through a one-way
    function before being transmitted, and another one-way function before
    being stored. A site which can tell you your lost password cannot be a
    secure site.

    However, true security is often not needed. A garden shed can be
    protected, if in a visible and audible location, against mischievous
    small children by using an ordinary padlock. More is needed to protect
    against a gang of youths with chain-saws. Much more is needed if the
    military really wants to get in or to destroy the contents.

    A lock serves its purpose when it is though to be not worth trying to
    open or break it.
    Dr J R Stockton, Jul 27, 2011
  14. Dr J R Stockton,

    Great point


    Life is Good !!!
    Ritchie Valens, Jul 28, 2011
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