Plotting Graph Functions using Gnuplot



Hello. Needed some help again. Im trying to calculate the best fit
line here. Given a set of points in a list. However, wirte in the end
where i plot the line it tells me tht the variable is not defined.
Either try correcting this or tell me a subsitute that i could use.
Thnks. Heres the code:

#File name

import Gnuplot

def bestfit(uinput):

if not isinstance(uinput, list):
return False


sigmax = sigmay = sigmaxy = sigmaxwhl = sigmaxsq = 0

for i in range(len(uinput)):

n = len(uinput)

sigmax = uinput[0] + sigmax
sigmay = uinput[1] + sigmay
sigmaxy = uinput[0] * uinput [1] + sigmaxy
sigmaxwhl = sigmax * sigmax
sigmaxsq = uinput[0] * uinput[0] + sigmaxsq
sigmaxsigmay = sigmax * sigmay

num = sigmaxsigmay - (n * sigmaxy)
den = sigmaxwhl - (n* sigmaxsq)

num2 = (sigmax * sigmaxy) - (sigmay * sigmaxsq)

gradient = num / den

intercept = num2 / den

m = gradient
c = intercept

y = m*x + c
plot (y)


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