Preventing users from adding items in ArrayEditor



I've been trying to implement a way to edit a property (containing an
Array of private objects) on a webcontrol at design-time ... my first
shot actually works quite fine; the editor shows the two objects and
i'm able to edit their content.
BUT ... I don't want the user to be able to add/delete objects in the
editor. Is there no way to prohibit this ?

My code :
public class myClass : Object
private int no;
public int Number { get{ return no; } set{ number = value; } }
public myClass(int aNumber) { no = aNumber; }
public override string ToString() { return no.ToString(); }

private myClass[] myarray = new myClass [] {new myClass (1), new
myClass (2)};

typeof(System.Drawing.Design.UITypeEditor)) ]
public myClass[] TestArray
get { return myarray; }
set { myarray = value; )


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