Problem binding data to gridview on button click

Jul 17, 2010
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Problem binding data to gridview on key press

Hi... Am new to .net here. Hope am posting the question under the right category... My requirement is as follows:

I have a gridview which is visible with an empty row on page load. It has four columns of which the first column is a text box item template. The rest 3 are bound fields. Now, when I enter a valid data in the text box(for eg, an employee ID)and hit the enter key, the rest of the fields must be bound to the grid. All four columns are available in a table in the back end. I have used a datatable and made the gridview datasource as the datatable. Am using a stored procedure to bind the data.. Using SQL Server 2008(.Net 3.5 framework). Kindly help... Im totally blank right now...
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