Problem in Setting SelectedValue for DropdownList in Form



Hi all,
I have a Problem in Setting the Dropdown selected value.

I have a Page where i get the input for the number of rows and columns
and generate a dynamic table on another page ie) table page.
If i select edit button in table page , the page is redirected to Input
page .
In the input page i have a panel where i have 6 dropdown, which
indicates the Colspan and Rowspan Cordinates and number of Rows and Col
The problem is when i click the edit button, i have to set the selected
value of these dropdowns to some values ie) the table properties .
If the tables row is 3 and Column is 4 , i have to set the row_ddl to 3
and also column_ddl to 4.

I assidn the selected value for these dropdowns as

ddl.selectedvalue = "value"

when i debug , i was getting the right values in the line , but thses
changes are not reflected in the Form.
I am filling the Ddl in Pageload and only if !(page.Ispostback).

Can any one help me please..........

Thanks in advance



Phillip Williams

Whatever changes to the dropdownlist that you did during the Page_Load will
be lost if the dropdownlist is databound to a datasource. You should set the
selected value of the dropdownlist during the DataBound event.

void column_dll_DataBound(object sender, EventArgs e)
//set here the selectedvalue
ListItem li = ((DropDownList)sender).Items.FindByValue("4");
if (li != null) //item was found that has the selected value
((DropDownList)sender).ClearSelection(); //clear the old
selection first
li.Selected = true; //set the new selection





i dont have to do anything like databound
i have just 10 values in my dropdown and i have to set according to the
variables values i assign

if i tell 2 then the selected value should be to 1

if i do this i could not set the value i selected

i get some defaults

what should i do

when i assign i get right values ( i checked in debug mode)

please help