Problem using ant to compile BlackBerry project

Discussion in 'Java' started by David Rabinowitz, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. We are switching our build system to use ant + antenna due to the recent
    support of the rapc. However, we get the following error from the rapc task:
    output file: WorldMate.cod data section too large: 65860 bytes.
    We have encountered such messages while using the JDE, but we were able
    to solve them by removing and adding some of the resources. We have
    noticed that the problem occurs only when we specify the path to the
    application icon in the jad file (the line has been copied from the jad
    file created by the JDE). When we remove the icon the compilation runs

    Has someone solved anything like this before?

    David Rabinowitz, Dec 28, 2004
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  2. Follow-up:

    It seems it complains that the COD data section exceeds 64K (65536
    bytes). Does someone know how to control the order of the files inside
    the COD?

    David Rabinowitz, Dec 29, 2004
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