Problem with command-line registeration with PyPI in Windows 7

Discussion in 'Python' started by melhosseiny, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. melhosseiny

    melhosseiny Guest

    When I type c:\python32\python.exe register and press enter I
    get the following:

    running register
    running check
    We need to know who you are, so please choose either:
    1. use your existing login,
    2. register as a new user,
    3. have the server generate a new password for you (and email it to
    you), or
    4. quit
    Your selection [default 1]:

    So i type 1 and press enter and i get:

    Please choose one of the four options!

    Why is this happening? It doesn't care what i type. It's always the
    same result.
    melhosseiny, Mar 16, 2011
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  2. I found a similar (possibly the same) problem. I eventually worked around
    it by creating a config file with my username and password:

    index-servers =


    How you would do the same thing under Windows, I don't know.
    Steven D'Aprano, Mar 16, 2011
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  3. melhosseiny

    melhosseiny Guest

    Thank you. It worked for me too. I added .pypirc file with my username
    and password in my home folder (i.e. C:\Users\*****).
    melhosseiny, Mar 16, 2011
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