pygnomevfs get_local_path_from_uri replacement


Daniel Fetchinson

Hi folks, I realize this is slightly off topic and maybe belongs to a
gnome email list but it's nevertheless python:

I use an old python program that was written for gnome 2 and gtk 2 and
uses the function get_local_path_from_uri. More specifically it uses

Now with gnome 3 the module pygnomevfs does not exist anymore and
after checking the source for pygnomevfs it turns out it's written in
C using all the header files and stuff from gnome 2. So I can't just
lift it from the source. I was hoping it's pure python in which case I
could have simply lifted it.

Does anyone know what a good replacement for get_local_path_from_uri
is? Is there a gtk/gnome/etc related python package that contains it
which would work with gnome 3? Or a totally gnome-independent python



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