Python IDE ScriptDev V2.3 released


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ScriptDev is developed by a powerful scripting language integrated
development environment(IDE), can be used for Python, Ruby, Lua, Tcl,
Perl, etc. scripting language, such as the development and debugging.
ScriptDev similar to the components of the Eclipse framework to
support the expansion of rich, Users can also follow their own
ScriptDev the development of standardized components to various types
of plug-ins to enhance the functions of platform.

you can find out and download it from

Main features:
*Edit, debug, run tcl, python, ruby, perl, lua scripts;
*Script compiler / encryption and generate an executable file (the
script for each different level of support);
*Analysis of efficiency function as (the script for each different
level of support);
*Keyword help, through the F1 key or move the mouse to the keyword,
access to detailed information to help;
*Collected more script extension, to help document and presentation
process, in addition to the commonly used tk, wx, pmw, there are
images, multimedia, the interface, and many other variety of
*A flexible, scalable architecture, the entire system can be flexible
interpretation of the expansion of various components, interface
components, tools, interface style;
*Console support functions (currently only tcl console, telnet
console, serial console available);
*Packaging TclFace pages expansion of the package, can be the object-
oriented tcl script development platform available in this script
*Interface support for skin, support Office2007, Visual Studio 2005,
and other interface style.


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