Re: Capture only first match in regular expression


Peter Tuente

Hi Zapanaz,

the default behaviour of regular expression terms is to be "greedy", so to
suppress this behaviour to become "not greedy" you have to apply a single
question mark "?" right after the desired expression(s). Sounds some kind of
complex, but I hope you get me ;-)

In your case the following should be sufficient:

# old: if($content =~ /.*(<a.*<\/a>).*/i){
$anchorContent = $1;

# new:
if($content =~ /.*?(<a.*?<\/a>).*/i){
$anchorContent = $1;

The effect is, that the first expression ".*" becomes not so greedy eating
all the possible chars (incl. one/some "<a" chars that prefix the last
occurrence of "<a" in the current line). Same with the second ".*".

Hope this helps ;-)




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