relative import packages/modules workaround

Discussion in 'Python' started by peter, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. peter

    peter Guest

    Hello all,

    I've read all the posts concerning relative imports of modules and I am
    glad I saw some consensus on a syntax.
    At this moment I am however bound to python 2.3.

    Does anyone know a good workaround (or a library) which can achieve a
    relative import for this python version

    kind regards

    peter, Jul 11, 2005
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  2. Basically, you can use information from the sys module to dynamically
    determine your module or package's absolute path. Then you construct
    the absolute path to the module you want by a fairly simple application
    of os.path from the relative path.

    How exactly to do that is not something I remember off the top of my
    head, but I remember it's not hard -- check the "sys" and "os.path"
    modules' documentation. You probably also want to look at the
    "__path__" property of packaged loaded with, as I believe
    there is some special "magic" behavior designed for packages to make
    this a little easier.

    You can easily encapsulate this in a function under your module with
    just a few lines of code. Zope provides a function called "package_home"
    that does this. I'm sure there are other examples.

    The missing thing here is not that there's no way to do it, but rather
    that it's a common enough task that there ought to be *one* way to do
    it and it ought to be in the library. Otherwise, there's a lot of
    Terry Hancock, Jul 11, 2005
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  3. peter

    peter Guest


    it seems to be less trivial than you mentioned...

    hopefully this will be introduced fast in python
    peter, Jul 12, 2005
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