RELEASED Mailman 2.1.4


Barry A. Warsaw

I have released Mailman 2.1.4, a bug fix release that also contains
support for four new languages: Catalan, Croatian, Romanian, and
Slovenian. This release also contains a fix for a cross-site
scripting vulnerability in the 'admin' cgi script (see
CAN-2003-0965). There is also an expanded ability to filter message
headers, nominally to provide better support when Mailman is used in
conjunction with upstream spam and virus filters.

The full source tarball has been made available from the usual sites.
Sorry, there is no patch available yet, but you should be able to
install Mailman 2.1.4 over your existing 2.1.x installation. See

for links to the downloadable files. After installing, be sure you
restart your Mailman daemon by doing a "mailmanctl restart".

IMPORTANT: You will want to re-run configure before doing a make install.

See also:

Enjoy, and have a Happy New Year.

-------------------- snip snip --------------------
2.1.4 (31-Dec-2003)

- Close some cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in the admin pages

- New languages: Catalan, Croatian, Romanian, Slovenian.

- New variable PUBLIC_MBOX which allows the site
administrator to disable public access to all the raw list mbox files
(this is not a per-list configuration).

- Expanded header filter rules under Privacy -> Spam Filters. Now you can
specify regular expression matches against any header, with specific
actions tied to those matches.

- Rework the SMTP error handling in to avoid scoring bounces
for all recipients when a permanent error code is returned by the mail
server (e.g. because of content restrictions).

- Promoted SYNC_AFTER_WRITE to a variable and
make it control syncing on the config.pck file. Also, we always flush
and sync message files.

- Reduce archive bloat by not storing the HTML body of Article objects in
the Pipermail database. A new script bin/rb-archfix was added to clean
up older archives.

- Proper RFC quoting for List-ID descriptions.

- PKGDIR can be passed to the make command in order to specify a different
directory to unpack the distutils packages in misc. (SF bug 784700).

- Improved logging of the origin of subscription requests.

- Bugs and patches: 832748 (unsubscribe_policy ignored for unsub button on
member login page), 846681 (bounce disabled cookie was always out of
date), 835870 (check VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW on through the web list
creation), 835036 (global address change when the new address is already
a member of one of the lists), 833384 (incorrect admin password on a
hold message confirmation attachment would discard the message), 835012
(fix permission on empty archive index), 816410 (confirmation page
consistency), 834486 (catch empty charsets in the scrubber), 777444 (set
the process's supplemental groups if possible), 860135 (ignore
DiscardMessage exceptions during digest scrubbing), 828811 (reduce
process size for list and admin overviews), 864674/864676 (problems
accessing private archives and rosters with admin password), 865661
(Tokio Kikuchi's i18n patches), 862906 (unicode prefix leak in admindb),
841445 (setting new_member_options via config_list), n/a (fixed email
command 'set delivery')


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