*** REST, large POST, and "Server Error" (for gurus only)


Amil Hanish

I am using REST to POST a large set of XML content. I get an exception when
I send XML that is like 10M in size.

"The server encountered an error processing the request. See server logs for
more details"

If I try to debug the service, my RESTful method is never called. I've
increased all the General and ReaderQuotas on the bind, as well as increased
the <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="20480"/>. Even if I turn on WCF
diagnostics, nothing in the diagnotic log.

Any ideas how either 1) how to figure out what the REAL error is, or 2) how
to send very large XML sets via REST POST?

I did have to modify the CLIENT DataContractSerializer behavior to that it
could create larger graphs (MaxItemsInObjectGraph); maybe that affects the
host as well on the deserialization.




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