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Does any one has an example of how do I retrieve values from a PopUp Window. The popup windows is an ASP.NET webform and it is displayed when user clicks on a html button.

How do I retrieve the values from the popup window into the parent window (I would like to do something with the data after the OK button is clicked on the popup window)

Here's the code for popup.

OpenPopUp(someWebContol, "MyPopup.aspx?textbox=" + myControl.ClientID, "test", 300, 225);

private void OpenPopUp(System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl opener, string pagePath, string windowName, int width, int height)
string clientScript = string.Empty;
string windowAttribs = string.Empty;
// Building Client side window attributes with width and height.
// Also the the window will be positioned to the middle of the screen
windowAttribs = "width=" + width.ToString() + "px,height=" + height.ToString() +
"px,left='+((screen.width -" + width.ToString() +
") / 2)+',top='+ (screen.height - " + height.ToString() + ") / 2+'";

//Building the client script-, with additional parameters
clientScript = "'" + pagePath + "','" + windowName + "','" + windowAttribs + "');return false;";
//regiter the script to the clientside click event of the 'opener' control
opener.Attributes.Add("onClick", clientScript);




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