Reviews website, any design ideas? and your views on reviews.

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Sims, May 6, 2004.

  1. Sims

    Sims Guest


    We want to create a website that reviews businesses in our area.
    We already have the data, (our review followed by user
    reviews/comments/vote). The data is fairly extensive

    But now we would like to look at a few ideas for the design of the site
    Would you guys know a few good sites where we could get ideas on how to
    present the reviews in a friendly professional manner.

    We would also like to be know for our fairness and as such we had to give
    bad reviews to certain businesses, (they know about it).
    But, what are you views on bad reviews? Don't show them? Re-word them not to
    sound offensive? Be overly rude on how bad they are?

    Sims, May 6, 2004
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  2. The design itself? Easy to understand, not too graphics-heavy, good and
    clean. Whatever your preference is, basically.

    Personally, I feel that design ideas comes along better when I sit down with
    a pen and a couple of sheets of paper and jot things down. First, I make a
    list of all the features I want to cram into the site itself. Then, I start
    drawing the outline of the design (while having the nature of the content
    the website will have in the back of my mind), complete with sketches of the
    graphics, content placement (basic layout of the article text, title and
    illustrations), ad placements (if necessary), colors, etc. After that, it's
    all about moving the idea from paper to pure digital and develop the design

    Being overly rude will get you nowhere, and will only make you sound
    unprofessional. If it's really bad, try re-wording it so you're rather
    giving them suggestions on ways to improve in a polite way. In general,
    there are always ways to improve, nobody's perfect.

    Even I've tried the world of reviewing stuff here:

    It's still not much, since I enter new reviews only when I have the time and
    energy for it. But, at least I spent a lot of time and effort creating that
    publishing system from scratch, and that part turned out great. In my own
    opinion, that is.
    Kim André Akerø, May 6, 2004
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