ruby1.6 speed compared to 1.8 with/without threads

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Martin Povolný, Sep 21, 2004.

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    while porting our software from ruby1.6 to ruby1.8, we found some
    performance issues.

    Especially it seems that compiling ruby1.8 with pthreads enabled
    (the way package is made in Debian GNU/Linux) gives poor results.

    I wonder if other people have noticed this?

    TEST: 1000.times { a = []; 4000.times {a << 1} }

    ruby1.8 without pthread: 6.679s
    ruby1.8 with pthread: 10.576s
    ruby1.6: 5.755s

    TEST: 1000.times { ':' }

    ruby1.8 without pthread: 8.087s
    ruby1.8 with pthread: 10.503s
    ruby1.6: 7.810s

    TEST: 1000.times { s = ''; 2000.times {s << 'hello'} }

    ruby1.8 without pthread: 5.030s
    ruby1.8 with pthread: 6.807s
    ruby1.6: 7.099s

    TEST: 1000.times { def a; 'hello'; end; 2000.times { a } }

    ruby1.8 without pthread: 5.311s
    ruby1.8 with pthread: 8.386s
    ruby1.6: 4.116s

    TEST: 1000.times { h = {}; 1000.times {|t| h[t] = 'hello' } }

    ruby1.8 without pthread: 4.064s
    ruby1.8 with pthread: 6.436s
    ruby1.6: 3.461s

    TEST: 1000.times { 200.times {|t| eval('$test%d = \'hello\'' % t) } }

    ruby1.8 without pthread: 6.816s
    ruby1.8 with pthread: 8.507s
    ruby1.6: 5.630s

    TEST: 1000.times { ('X' * 100000).sub(/X/) {|s| s.downcase} }

    ruby1.8 without pthread: 7.843s
    ruby1.8 with pthread: 7.977s
    ruby1.6: 7.405s


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    Martin Povolný, Sep 21, 2004
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