Scrolling invisible scroll bar



I have a table holding various values. I want to have a totals area
below the table showing, well, column totals.

I have created a table which holds the totals below the main table. The
totals table does not have headers and the columns are aligned with the
main table.

However when the user sizes a column to the right or sizes the form
smaller, a horizontal scroll bar appears in the main table. Moving the
scroll bar shifts the columns.

I want to be able to also shift the columns in the totals table, BUT I
do not want a scroll bar in the totals table.

In a listener, when I try to set the "selection" value on the total
table's horizontal bar I get an NPE, which makes sense as there IS no
horizontal bar.

Is there any way to shift the columns in sync with the main table?

Oh, I'm using SWT.


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