SeaMonkey Browser Media Problem



I recently downloaded the SeaMonkey 1.0.5 browser, mainly to see how my
programs work on it. It is much like the Mozilla browser in layout and
feel. The Mozilla browser apparently has been updated for the final
time, and apparently SeaMonkey will take the place of it for those who
like all of the added features over those in Firefox. There still is
quite a bit of editing that needs to be done on SeaMonkey to update
some of the help sections, etc.

The basic browser seems to work fairly well on most things. I did find
one strange problem with the Microsoft WMP player when embedded to give
a player control bar. It gave a rather plain bar with less functions
than the current one. Moreover it caused one of my programs that used a
lot of script to crash the browser. This was all rather strange. I
found that SeaMonkey was using a very old version of the WMP that is
not nearly up to present WMP 9 or 10 standards. Remembering early
versions of Firefox that had several problems with media, I decided to
look in the registry for the ShimInclusionList for the WMP. There was
no entry for SeaMonkey. Apparently it was not installed. Why SeaMonkey
played some files on the WMP at all, I am not sure. It apparently found
a link to a very old WMP version somewhere. However, as soon as I added
SeaMonkey to the ShimInclusionList, SeaMonkey handled my WMP 10 on
Microsoft XP just as did Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and IE6. In
case others have this problem and do not wish to go into the registry
to make changes, you may download the file to your computer. Then
when you double click the downloaded file, the registry changes are
made for you. This patch includes most other Mozilla products as well
as SeaMonkey. However it does no harm to load this patch even if
Firefox and other products are already listed in the ShimInclusionList.

So far as I can tell, the Real, QT, and Winamp players are operating
properly in SeaMonkey. Also flash, Java, and other common programs.

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