Security trimming problem with not absolute path



Hello, I have a problem that for many of you will surely be trivial, I wanted
to enable the security trimming by xml, everything works if I insert full
address in the sitemap.
But if I put the ~ as shown below does not work the disappearance of the
menu items to unauthorized persons:

xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?
<siteMap xmlns="">
<siteMapNode url="#" title="Start" description="Inizio" roles="*">
<siteMapNode url="~/CreazioneDocumentale/antfattStep1.aspx?enc=99999"
title="Creazione Distinta" roles="Domain\0001" />
<siteMapNode url="~/CreazioneDocumentale/antfattStep1.aspx?enc=3333333"
title="Pred. Request "description="Pred. Request BO" roles="Domain\0002" />

</ siteMapNode>
</ siteMap>

Below a part of web.config:

<authentication mode="Windows"/>

<siteMap defaultProvider="xmlSite" enabled="true">
<add name="xmlSite" type="System.Web.XmlSiteMapProvider"
siteMapFile="~/Sitemap/filename.sitemap" securityTrimmingEnabled="true"/>
<roleManager enabled="true"
<add name="AspNetWindowsTokenRoleProvider"

<deny users="?"/>
<allow roles="Domain\0001"/>

Thanks in advance for answers.


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