Sending dataset,array to pl/sql procedure.



I got to know the way in which we can use record,pl/sql table as
input parameter to the procedure but couldn't get the way by which we
can call such procedure from
Suppose we have a procedure having Pl/sql table or record set as a
input parameter and we want to call such procedure from how can
we do that? I tried using cursor but it is giveing error that cursor
can be used only as a out parameter.
Please suggest a way how can we call such procedure.

Reason for calling such procedure: If we want to submit a date and
number of hours we worked on that day and this updation we are doing on
weekly basis then we have 7 days and the timings of those days and
after clicking save button we want to save that data. but commit should
be there only if all the records are inserted. In case of any error,
rollback should be there.That will ensure insertion of whole data.


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