Server-Eye API requesting errors and warnings

Apr 4, 2022
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I'm building a tool in Python for which I need to read out error codes for specific devices using the Server-Eye API. Server-Eye is our monitoring solution where all of our devices and the devices of our customers are registered. The documentation at wasn't very helpful or I'm just not finding what I need. Does anybody have any experience with the Server-Eye API?

The Server-Eye support wasn't helpful either. My request apparently was so exotic that they have to discuss the problem in a weekly meeting they are having. No answer from them yet.

What I am able to do is read out customers from our tenant and the devices registered in a customer. I'm also able to format the data that the API gives you which is a huge pain. I just can't seem to find how I can read which sensors are applied to a device or what errors these sensors found.

A usual request would look like this:

requests.get('', params=apiKey)

cId would be the ID of the customer you want to read from.

apiKey is an authorization token which can be generated in the webconsole.

This request gives a response object out of which you have to read the contents with something like .json() or .text.

Any help is appreciated, I'm starting to get real frustrated here as my deadline is slowly approaching.

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