Set cookie in the browser following a Post request

Feb 19, 2020
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I have one question is it possible to make a script that set a valid cookie for multiple sites and then show a page that will POST in those sites?

If not possible, i can always download Chrome Portable, login in those sites and set my page to open as homepage. This way it will work as long the cookie doesn't have a expiration date.

From the 2 options what is the best?



Nov 27, 2019
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Your question was a little vague but I’ll answer as best I can.
“I have one question ...” You have a couple of questions.

“ it possible to make a script that set a valid cookie for multiple sites”
It is not the setting of a cookie, but the reading that determines how many sites react to it.

Cookies were invented so that a site can remember who is there and what they are doing. Let’s take the simple “Who is the user?” We can set a cookie :
document.cookie = "username=Betty";
But now every site will think Betty is their user so we set a string to id our site. In real life this is a long encoded string but:
document.cookie =“sName=KingKong;Uname=Betty”;
Works. So all five site must look for a cookie where the sName is KingKong.

The next part --- Oh, I just woke up - Do you own these five site or are talking about send something like a question about PHP to five help sites 'that you don't own'?

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